About Me

the girl behind the camera

Hey, I'm Alex! I love playing with movement & light in my photography and love getting to capture alllll the emotions.

I grew up taking pictures -- I always had some kind of camera and it just kind of stuck. One photography class later and the rest is history!

As I built my business, I knew that above all I wanted to tell a story for each person I worked with. That means that often, my images are captured in a documentary style. Capturing you in a natural way in your environment. Sometimes that means there's blur and movement. There's laughing and dancing and snuggling. And there's always a lot of heart.

Some things I love outside of photography:

  • being outside in nature
  • trying a new restaurant
  • reading a book -- always!
  • cooking for friends and family
  • my sweet cat whose names is - don't laugh - Mr. Kitty

Every day I'm so honored to be invited into the lives of others, whether it's a wedding, a newborn session, or a branding shoot. I can't wait for us to work together!

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